Dr. Benjamin Bieber's Stem Cell Arthritis Treatment (New York)

Dr. Benjamin Bieber's Stem Cell Arthritis Treatment (New York)

How To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain and Immobility

What if you could grow back cartilage and reverse your condition of arthritis?  This would mean no more pain between the joints. 

Many patients today are looking for the most advanced treatments in medicine to help them with their arthritis condition.   Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR applies one such treatment in Stem Cell Therapy to help his patients grow back the cartilage that significantly decreases arthritic pain.  Patients are finding increased mobility after one stem cell injection

To talk a little bit about the power of stem cells in the body, they are actually located all throughout a person’s body and act as a “neutral” cell that transforms into any type of tissue the body needs to heal itself.  The problem is that with a degenerative condition like arthritis, their aren’t enough stem cells to continuously help the body regenerate new cartilage

One Stem Cell Injection

In such a case, Dr. Bieber is able to add a boost of stem cells that creates cartilage for his patients.  Stem cells physically transform into cartilage tissue that protects the joint against bone on bone friction, which is the cause of one’s immobility, swelling, and pain and there is a high success rate to grow this cartilage after a stem cell injection.

If you are considering surgery or your medications for arthritis aren’t working well enough, you can try a stem cell injection and will notice the difference in your arthritis pain.

Dr. Bieber has helped thousands of patients with arthritis in over 30 years as a practicing physician and has found that a stem cell injection, where stem cells are taken from the patient’s own fat tissue or bone marrow, is having tremendous success to reduce pain

Millions of people in American suffer from arthritis and because it doesn't have a cure, people do not know where to turn for treatment.  They suffer with daily aches and pains but stem cell therapy offers a new hope.  With one injection, it is possible to reverse the condition of arthritis

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By Benjamin Bieber

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