Golfing Elbow Pain

Golfing Elbow Pain

Have you ever developed pain localized on the inner side of your elbow ? Or maybe the pain even spreads from your elbow into your forearm or wrist? Well you might be suffering from a condition known as medial epicondylitis, more commonly known as Golfer's Elbow. The pain of this type of condition may appear suddenly or gradually.

This condition occurs when damage is sustained to the muscle and tendons of your wrist and fingers, usually by repetitive stress. Also, improper lifting techniques, throwing or hitting along with skipping out on your warm-ups and poor conditioning can also contribute to Golfer’s elbow. The condition is usually characterized with pain and tenderness present on the inner side of your elbow, elbow stiffness, weakness in your hands or wrists or even a numbness/tingling sensation radiating into the pinky and ring fingers of your hand. If you note that the pain gets worse with swinging a golf club, shaking hands or even turning a door knob then you may be suffering from this condition.

Platelet rich plasmais a type of regenerative therapy, which has shown great promise for different types of musculoskeletal conditions, including Golfer’s elbow. The therapy consists of utilizing the patient’s own blood as the primary source of treatment. It allows for faster natural healing to occur, utilizing the growth factors contained within the patients own blood.

Elbow painfrom your golf swing doesn’t have to be a permanent condition. See a doctor to rid yourself of golf elbow pain. If left untreated Golfer’s elbow can cause chronic elbow pain and limited range of motion. If you or someone you may know that may have suffered from a similar injury and would like to know more about this innovative treatment plan, I encourage you to come in for a consultation at my office, Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, P.C.located in Howard Beach, Queens.

We treat patients from all over the Country with our new regenerative medicine techniques as well as locally in Queens including Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and patients from the tri-state area and Long Island. Call for an appointment today at 718-835-0100.

By Benjamin Bieber

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