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  • Knee Repair _MCL,ACL,LCL Muscle Tear -Stem Cell

    Knee Repair _MCL,ACL,LCL Muscle Tear -Stem Cell

    Many of my patients come into my office having been told by other qualified doctors that they need a knee replacement surgery. They come to me for a second opinion to see if there are any other reliable alternatives to surgery. The answer for many is empathically Yes!!

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  • U.S. Open 2014 and the Impossible Drama of Injury

    August in New York is fantastic. Between NYC, Montauk, and all the events in between, one doesn’t have enough days to enjoy all the activities. Though one activity I never want to miss, which is the U.S. Open Tennis Grand Slam.

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  • Advanced Treatments For Sports-Related Wrist Pain and Wrist Injuries

    The French Open with its iconic red clay is set to begin this weekend and I’m putting my money on Novak Djokovic. The reigning champ suffered from problems at the Monte Carlo Masters and also missed the Madrid open due to a right wrist injury. It is without a doubt that the wrist has been a long time trouble spot for most tennis players. Especially since the elite players have been swinging harder and more frequently than ever!

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  • Golfing Elbow Pain

    Have you ever developed pain localized on the inner side of your elbow ? Or maybe the pain even spreads from your elbow into your forearm or wrist? Well you might be suffering from a condition known as medial epicondylitis, more commonly known as Golfer's Elbow. The pain of this type of condition may appear suddenly or gradually.

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  • Painful Bump On Your Foot Treatment

    It’s finally spring! That mean’s we can finally go outside without the burden of shoveling snow! It has been a long winter but now we can participate in more outdoor activities to promote better health such as jogging.

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  • This Works For Hip Pain With Arthritis!

    This Works For Hip Pain With Arthritis!

    The hip is a large ball and socket joint designed to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear via repeated motion. However, this doesn’t mean that it is indestructible or injury proof. For example when you go for a run, bicycling, climbing the stairs or even with prolonged standing can cause repetitive stress or overuse injury to the hip. In particular, these risk factors are associated with hip bursitis.

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