Hip Repair

Hip Repair
Hip Repair

Non Surgical Hip Solutions

Stem Cell and PRP Therapy is a proven treatment method to alleviate hip pain.  Many of my patients have found relief from hip arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and even labrums tear after a stem cell injection or a prp injection.

The hip is the largest joint in the body and as such, handles a lot of the pressures of the body.  This is why a hip injury can be particularly excruciating because it is involved in much of the body’s movements. 

Restore Healthy Hip Tissue

Through stem cells and prp, it is possible to restore and replace old damaged tissue with new healthy tissue and the substitution of healthy tissue is what allows the hip to again move properly with less pain.  

Stem cells are everywhere in a person’s body and are used every day.  Each stem cell has the ability to transform itself into the type of cell the body needs at the time to repair itself.  For example, just walking around, muscle tissue in the foot is being worked, degenerating and then regenerating again.  The muscle tissue is regenerated through the use of stem cells which transform into muscle tissue. 

When there is a hip injury, the muscle tissue is damaged beyond the immediate capability of the body to repair itself.  This is where we come in to help!

Accelerate The Hip's Recovery

By adding a new boost of stem cells, the body has more of the tools it needs to repair damage.  The result is often an increase in it's mobility and a significant decrease in pain as new tissue is created and sustained.  

PRP many times has the same beneficial result as stem cells but uses a different method.  PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a densely filled plasma rich with platelets.  These platelets are the same platelets found in the blood that contain over 30 growth factors to heal tissue damage, cuts, and wounds. 

For example, when someone gets a bad cut, platelets have a central role in repairing and closing the damaged skin.  When PRP is injected into the hip, the 30+ growth factors act on damaged tissue and accelerate the healing process of the hip.  It is amazing that these treatments work the way they do and are non-surgical

Avoid Surgery and Eliminate Pain

It is important to note that both of these treatments are non-invasive and organic.  There are no overnight stays in a hospital.  The procedure is done in-office and you can leave right afterwards.  We usie materials direct from the patients own body, which is why it is organic.  In many cases, Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy can prevent the need for surgery and these treatments are being used throughout the world to help patients avoid surgery.  

Since hip surgery has it’s inherent risks and is an extremely painful process, many are trying Stem Cell Therapy or PRP Therapy before surgery as a last resort conservative treatment.  After a consultation at Cross Bay PMR, he can determine which therapy will be right for you.  It is also possible to do a combination of both therapies.

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