Hip Arthritis

  • Hip Repair

    Hip Repair

    Stem Cell and PRP Therapy is a proven treatment method to alleviate hip pain. Many of my patients have found relief from hip arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and even labrums tear after a stem cell injection or a prp injection.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Hip Pain and Injuries

    Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Hip Pain and Injuries

    Unfortunately, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the NY Giants this past week and Demarco Murray ran for over 100 yards, which sets the Running Back record for becoming the first Running back to open a season with seven consecutive games with over 100 rushing yards

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  • Potential Non-Surgical Cure For Hip Arthritis

    Hip arthritis is no little thing to scoff at. The hip joint bears much of one’s weight and pain in the hip can affect one in all aspects of life including some of the most important functions like walking, sitting, and climbing stairs. So how does one get rid of chronic hip pain brought on by arthritis?

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