Knee Treatment -Stem Cell and PRP

Knee Treatment -Stem Cell and PRP
Knee Treatment -Stem Cell and PRP

Non-Surgical Knee Treatment

A knee injury can permanently alter a person's life if not treated properly. Whether it is an MCL, ACL, or LCL, strain or tear, there are bound to be long-term effects. As an orthopedic physician, it is my job to find solutions to complex knee injuries without the use of invasive, risky, and expensive surgery.

By applying knee treatment in my office,, within weeks or even days of the injury, it can drastically improve, decreasing pain, increasing mobility, and accelerating the total recovery time all done non-invasively.

As a physician for over thirty years and treating tens of thousands of patients, I have never found a solution to a knee injury more powerful than Cell Therapy. By applying either PRP Therapy or Stem Cell Therapy,  it is possible to heal complex knee injuries that once needed invasive surgery.

Avoid Needing Surgery

The problem with surgery is pretty obvious. Doctors have to re-injure the knee to re-organize muscle and tendon tissue and most of the time, the knee never even gets back to it’s normal functioning ability. There is also a long-term painful rehabilitation process from the surgery and many associated risks with surgery such as fractures, blood clots, dislocations, infections, nerve damage, joint stiffening, and needing a foreign prosthetics. On top of this, there is increased hospital time and lost time at work.

The Benefits Of Cell Therapy

Both PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy offer a non-surgical effective alternative to surgery and are entirely organic. Depending on the condition, Dr. Bieber decides which type of Cell therapy to use. Here is brief explanation on each therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy applies the use of non-controversial adult stem cells that are taken from the patient’s own body. Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body and act as a “neutral cell”. They are able to transform themselves into any type of tissue the body needs to heal itself such as tendon or ligament tissue. Stem cells physically become new tissue and repair old damaged tissue. In the case of a severe trauma, there aren’t enough stem cells to fully repair one's accumulated damage tissue.

This is where we come in! By adding a boost of stem cells (taken from the patient’s own body), we give the body more of the tools it uses to heal damaged tissue and as a result, there is less disability, pain, and the knee increasingly repairs. More than one stem cell injection may be necessary to get the full potential effect.

PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy applies the use of platelets, a colorless blood cell, whose primary responsibility is to repair blood vessel damage. Injecting PRP into the knee creates a rapid healing effect. Many Celebrities athletes from Kobe Bryant to Alex Rodriguez have commented on the benefits of using PRP Therapy.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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