Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP

Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP
Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP

Cell Therapy

A knee injury is one of the most common injuries in orthopedic medicine. Until now, surgery and physical therapy was the most common forms of treatment. Now, Cell Therapy offers a safe and effective alternative for knee pain and injuries. Even patients who have waited months before receiving knee treatment are benefiting from these procedures.

The two main type of Cell Therapy Dr. Bieber applies in his office is Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy. Both are non-surgical and organic procedures. They are organic in that the materials used in Cell Therapy are coming from the person’s own body. Dr. Bieber uses Stem Cells that are derived from either fat tissue or bone marrow of the patient and PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, that is derived from the patient's platelets, which are colorless blood cells.

Both Platelets and Stem Cells are already located everywhere in a person’s body. They are used to create new healthy tissue and repair damaged blood vessels. When there is a traumatic accident to the knee, there aren’t enough tools for the body to heal itself. There aren’t enough platelets or stem cells to fully repair the knee. The injury is just too great. This is why surgery is needed to cut open the knee, cut away damaged tissue, and re-sow damaged tendons.

Add Healthy Cells To The Knee....

With Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy, Dr. Bieber adds more of these tools that the body needs to produce healthy cells that can replace and restore the current damaged cells of the knee. By fostering new healthy tissue, the knee can progressively repair itself instead of atrophying during the healing process. The acceleration of recovery provided by Cell Therapy has a high success rate to give the knee the boost it needs to heal itself and therefore, drastically reduce knee pain and increase the knee's mobility.

Knee Surgery should always be a last resort. It is an extremely risky and invasive procedure. Because Cell Therapy is applied by a special injection technique, there is a low risk and Dr. Bieber is not adding extra injury to the knee like in surgery. During surgery, a doctor needs to fully cut open the need, which in itself, causes a long and painful rehabilitation process. With Cell Therapy, you can avoid this extra injury.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber is seeing phenomenal results with his patients that use Cell Therapy to repair complex knee injuries and conditions like arthritis and ACL, LCL, and MCL partial tears to name a few. Throughout the coming years, Cell Therapy will help millions of people non-surgically repair complex medical conditions and injuries.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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