New Non-Surgical Treatment For Hair Loss

New Non-Surgical Treatment For Hair Loss

As we get older it becomes clearer that our bodies gradually change and in some cases for the worse. Our cartilage lessens, our muscle definition seems to go away and it seems as if the only thing that increases over time is our bodies fat content and our age. Another thing, especially regarding men is that by the age of 30, about 50 percent of men begin to lose their thick mop of hair that they have been flaunting since they were in there 20s! However, gender does not play a huge role because hair loss is a prime concern for both men and women.

Research determines that it is mostly our genes that play an influential role for our thinning hair, however there are ways to prevent it from happening. Im sure many of you may have heard of different types of foams or lotions to prevent hair loss, but platelet rich plasma therapy has also shown an upside in preventing the steady backwards march of your hairline. This treatment can be used for individuals who have thinning hair or hair loss at the top of their scalp and a fading hairline localized along their temples.

The procedure is noninvasive and very simple. The patients own blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge so that the platelets along with their growth factors is concentrated. This treatment is very useful in tissue regeneration and healing. Subsequently, the treatment (PRP ) is then injected into the patients scalp after performing a dermaroller treatment in the areas suffering from the hair loss. Following is a gentle massage to the scalp.

If you would like to gain further insight on this innovative new procedure, I recommend that you make an appointment at my office, Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation , P.C. located in Howard Beach, New York.

By Benjamin Bieber

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