Alopecia Treatment

  • How To Regrow Hair Naturally - ACell + PRP Hair Treatment (NYC)

    How To Regrow Hair Naturally - ACell + PRP Hair Treatment (NYC)

    Hair follicles are continuously dying. The cells, because of aging, die and can no longer produce hair growth. Even the hair follicles that aren’t dead but shrinking are plagued with inflammation and unable to produce the same amount of hair as before. The only way to stop the disastrous process of hair loss is to repair hair follicles.

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  • Stem Cell + PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment in New York

    Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR applies Acell + PRP Hair Restoration treatment to correct damaged hair follicles that will no longer grow hair. By applying Acell + PRP, it is possible to completely reverse the process of hair loss in our patients, which includes conditions such as Alopecia, Male and Female Pattern Baldness, and Chronic hair thinning.

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  • PRP + ACell Hair Growth Therapy

    PRP + ACell Hair Growth Therapy

    The advancements in modern medicine make it possible to naturally grow new hair. With PRP + ACell, a form of Stem Cells, hair follicles rejuvenate and are able again to produce new hair strands. This form of Cell Therapy increase strands of hair in many hair follicles helping produce thicker hair covering more of the scalp.

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  • New Non-Surgical Treatment For Hair Loss

    As we get older it becomes clearer that our bodies gradually change and in some cases for the worse. Our cartilage lessens, our muscle definition seems to go away and it seems as if the only thing that increases over time is our bodies fat content and our age.

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