New York Stem Cell Treatment - Shoulder Injuries

New York Stem Cell Treatment - Shoulder Injuries
New York Stem Cell Treatment - Shoulder Injuries

Repair Your Shoulder Without Surgery

You may not need surgery for your shoulder condition, whether it’s an injury like a Rotator Cuff tear or a chronic medical condition like Arthritis.  You can utilize the power of stem cells to regenerate healthy tissue and replace and repair damaged cell tissue.

The human body is made up of billions of specialized cells that transform into a diverse range of tissue from organ tissue to muscle tissue and these cells are now being applied to shoulder injuries to heal injuries that once required surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy is performed by me, Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. at my New York City office.  It is a non-surgical treatment requiring only a simple injection.  Importantly, this treatment is all-natural.  It applies cells that only come from the patient’s own body.  Stem cells are derived from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and them immediately placed within the shoulder.

Stem Cells are extremely powerful.  They are able to transform into many different types of tissue and replaced current damage tissue so that function of the shoulder can return.  Everyone from professional athletes to aging adults are choosing Stem Cell Therapy as an effective and safe alternative to surgery.

Natural Non-Surgical Treatment

The path of healing after a Stem Cell treatment for a shoulder injury aligns with the body’s own healing process.  The results of treatment may not be noticeable at first but often, patients begin to notice an improvement after about three weeks.  Their will often be reduced pain and improved mobility.  Stem cells continue to heal shoulder tissue from this point on for many more months so while an initial improvement is experienced, there is also a gradual healing response as well.

This type of healing process is vastly different than after surgery where patients have to endure several months of intense and often painful physical therapy.  Surgery is invasive and risky actually further damages the shoulder before healing begins.  Even after surgery, some patients experience chronic weakness, pain, stiffness for the rest of their life.  It is beneficial to seek out and try a non-surgical option first before deciding on shoulder surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy has a high success rate to repair shoulder damage leading to pain relief and significant improvement in mobility.  Medicine is moving toward a non-surgical approach to treating Orthopedic injuries and this line of treatment is better for the patient.  The best thing you can do is set up an initial consultation with me, where I can review your case, examine your shoulder, and make a recommendation for the best non-surgical treatment to move forward.

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