Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) For A Torn Meniscus

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) For A Torn Meniscus

There have been injuries going around the NBA all season and the Detroit Pistons star guard Chauncey “Mr. Big Shot” Billups is the latest to the list. Last week he underwent right knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. Now these types of injuries are no joke, especially since the knee is the largest joint in the body.

Meniscal tears usually occur as a result of a forceful twist or sudden stop, which causes the thigh bone to grind into the top of the shinbone, pinching and potentially tearing the cartilage of the meniscus. The risk of tearing the meniscus gradually increases with age as well, simply because the older you get the more wear and tear you place on your cartilage.

Some common symptoms of this type of injury are buckling and locking of the knee. In addition, other symptoms include hearing popping sounds especially when you go down the stairs and if you experience pain with walking long distances or running.

Treatments for this injury usually involve surgery to repair the torn meniscus, but recent research shows that platelet rich plasma therapy can help to accelerate the healing process. Since there is a limited blood supply to the cartilage of the knees and with age also playing a major factor, causing up to 20% decrease of normal blood by age 40, platelet rich plasma therapy for meniscal injuries is most definitely a viable option.

Platelet rich plasma therapy takes blood drawn from your own body, and it spun in a bidirectional centrifuge at high speeds to separate the platelets from other components. These platelets contain a high concentration of growth factors which will help to heal the meniscus as well as supply blood to the already limited site.

If you would like to know more about this treatment I welcome you to come in for a consultation at Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation P.C . The office is located in Howard Beach, Queens. When you come in for your visit I will be able to evaluate you for your treatment options and let you know if you are a suitable applicant for this game-changing procedure. What are you waiting for call and make your appointment today!

By Benjamin Bieber

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