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  • Stem Cells For Arthritis

    Stem Cells For Arthritis

    Arthritis occurs due to inflammation and as a result, there is a severe breakdown of the cartilage in the body’s joints. The joint is located between two bones allowing the bones to move as intended and the cartilage is a shock absorber so that the two bones do not rub against each other causing friction, swelling, and pain.

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  • PRP For Sport's Injuries

    PRP For Sport's Injuries

    First is that at Cross Bay PMR, we apply Stem Cell Therapy and/or PRP therapy depending on the patient's area of injury and the treatment that is most likely heal the damaged site.

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  • Advanced Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP

    Advanced Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP

    As a Physical Medicine physician, it is my speciality to treat complex orthopedic injuries without the use of surgery. After 30 years as a practicing doctor in New York City, the best treatments with the highest success rates are PRP and Stem Cell Therapy.

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  • You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP

    You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP

    Many people are being told by orthopedic surgeons that they need surgery for a particular injury when either a non-surgical stem cell injection or a prp injection can work better than surgery and doesn’t have any of the risks or downsides.

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  • Shoulder PRP and Stem Cell Injections New York

    Shoulder PRP and Stem Cell Injections New York

    Many of our patients have chronic issues with shoulder arthritis, dislocations and their rotator cuffs, particularly baseball players. It is possible through stem cells and PRP to repair this muscle tissue damage that is the basic cause of one's pain and immobility.

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  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Tear Stem Cell Injection

    Happy New Year! 2015 is upon us and every year we should be saying that this is going to be our best year, great things are going to happen!
    One thing that can ruin a holiday is a painful injury. As a New York Regenerative Medicine specialist, one injury that many of my patients come in to non-surgically correct is a posterior tibial tendon tear. Using a stem cell injection or a PRP injection, as an alternative to foot surgery, we have found that a torn tendon can greatly be improved.

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  • Success With PRP Therapy and UCL elbow Tear

    Success With PRP Therapy and UCL elbow Tear

    Mashiro Tanaka is a star pitcher on the New York Yankees who recently sustained a partially torn UCL. He decided to give PRP therapy a chance with hopes that he would not have to undergo surgery.

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  • Bio Facials For Aging Skin

    Orthopedic and Sports Medicine physicians are discovering ways to reverse aging symptoms without the need for invasive plastic surgery. If you find yourself aging and wishing to relieve tired eyes, droopy skin, acne scarring and reduce wrinkles, and figured you’d need a plastic surgeon, there is another viable and non-surgical option.

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  • New PRP Therapy Helps With A Sprained Ankle

    After a long grueling winter followed a rainy spring, finally summer is just around the corner. With great weather it’s about time for everyone to enjoy some outdoor activities, mostly to get us in shape for beach season. One of my favorite activities, both indoor and outdoor, is definitely basketball especially with the playoffs going on! Unfortunately, our Brooklyn Nets aren’t doing so hot and the fact that Deron Williams has spent this postseason wheeling around on his gimpy ankles has not been helping us in the playoffs against the Miami Heat either.

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  • Baseball Player Uses PRP Treatment To Fix Elbow

    As winter finally shows signs of fading away and with spring just being right around the corner, it’s finally time for some outdoor sports! Unfortunately with sports also comes injuries, but luckily through the advancements made in medicine the injuries sustained can be treated.

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