PRP Stem Cell Elbow Repair

PRP Stem Cell Elbow Repair
PRP Stem Cell Elbow Repair

Non-Surgical Elbow Repair

With Tennis, Golf, and Baseball season all beginning, it is important to prepare your elbow for the current motion’s and movements of each sport. This includes warm-up and strengthening exercises making sure the elbow joint isn't overwhelmed by sudden and intense movements.

Many of my patients develop tennis elbow, golf elbow, or a UCL injury because their elbow was suddenly introduced to constant and intense motion. Tendinitis of the elbow is another common injury that many of my patients suffer from.

If you have found yourself with a painful elbow injury that just won’t go away and is preventing you from playing and doing the activities that you love, you've definitely come to the right place. Dr. Benjamin Bieber is a practicing Sports Medicine physician with over 30 years of experience and specializes in non-surgical treatments that not only prevent the need for surgery but also eliminate the pain and tissue damage of the elbow injury.

PRP and Stem Cell Injections

The secret is that both prp and stem cells are organic materials already available in the body and used by the body to repair damaged tissue and create new healthy tissue. At our office, we harness this process to accelerate the recovery of an injuried elbow.

In some cases, a stem cell injection and a prp injection are combined to produce the maximum effect and in other cases, only one type of treatment is used.

Stem Cells

First, let me explain Stem Cell Therapy:

There are millions of stem cells in the body that naturally regenerate damaged tissue. The body, because it is constantly active, even as you are walking or lying down, degenerates and regenerates using stem cells. Stem Cells are a neutral cell, able to transform into any type of tissue the body needs at the time. When an injury occurs, or a trauma, there often aren’t enough stem cells to fully repair the damaged muscle tissue.

This is where we come in! Dr. Bieber applies a boost of new stem cells to the injury, where additional stem cells repair damaged elbow tissue and create new healthy tissue for the elbow to utilize. The result is an elbow with increasingly healthy tissue and as a result, a significant decrease in pain, an increase in mobility, and an acceleration of the total recovery process.

The stem cells that we use are taken directly from the patient’s own fat tissue and therefore, are in no way controversial.


Platelet Rich Plasma is also an organic substance composed of the platelets found in the blood. These platelets contain over 30 growth factors to constantly healing the body's cuts, wounds, and damaged tissue. Injecting PRP into the elbow utilizes these growth factors to repair the injured elbow.

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In Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, both PRP and Stem Cell Therapy are being named the best non-surgical treatments to date to heal elbow injuries and alleviate elbow pain without the use of surgery. Dr. Bieber is a leader in Sports Medicine and currently treating patients from around the world. If you are located outside of New York, our Stem Cell specialists, Dana and Sanil, can recommend hotel and flight accomodations for you.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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