Rotator Cuff Injury - Stem Cell Therapy NYC

Rotator Cuff Injury - Stem Cell Therapy NYC
Rotator Cuff Injury - Stem Cell Therapy NYC

Repair Your Rotator Cuff With Stem Cells

There are billions of specialized cells in the human body able to form specific organs like the brain, skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bone. Everyday, these cells go through a degenerative and regenerative process. When older cells die, it is stem cells that form themselves into new and healthy tissue that replaces the dead tissue.

After a severe injury, such as a rotator cuff tear, the degenerative process exceeds the regenerative process and the body’s ability to repair itself. This is why surgery is recommended for severe injuries such as rotator cuff tears.

Fortunately, there is now a way to introduce new adult stem cells to the rotator cuff providing a boost to the regenerative process. These stem cells, once introduced to the rotator cuff, birth new tendon and muscle tissue that repair the rotator cuff damage and accelerate the recovery process. Stem cell treatment is so effective that it can act as a successful alternative to shoulder surgery, which is not only invasive and risky but also comes with it long-term rehabilitation and life-long symptoms.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. offers both Stem Cell Therapy from bone marrow and fat tissue and after your consultation, will recommend the best form of treatment. Dr. Bieber sometimes suggests applying Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP Therapy in addition to Stem Cell Therapy to maximize the potential for successful treatment.

Safe And Effective Stem Cell Therapy

During the procedure, stem cells will drawn from either fat tissue and bone marrow and then immediately injected into the shoulder. Stem Cell treatment is a non-surgical treatment with very little risk, especially since the stem cells come from the patient. Dr. Bieber also uses ultrasound guidance to perform this treatment and doing so, is able to see inside the shoulder and where to place the stem cells for the best results.

If you have a shoulder injury that you have been suffering with for months or even years, this treatment has a high success rate to not only relieve significant pain but tremendously improve mobility. Stem Cell Therapy for a rotator cuff injury is a safe and effective alternative to shoulder surgery and can be attempted before under going surgery to see if recovery is great enough to avoid surgery.

After your stem cell treatment, physical therapy can help to continue the healing process of the shoulder by strengthening the tendon and the surrounding muscles. Having a rotator cuff injury can be daunting and painful. You don’t have to live with this pain any longer and you probably don’t need surgery to correct this problem.

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