Shoulder Repair

Shoulder Repair

Shoulder Pain Relief

The shoulder joint is one of the largest in the body and therefore, a shoulder injury can be difficult to heal. Whether it’s arthritis, a shoulder dislocation, a muscle tear, or a rotator cuff injury, it is possible to heal shoulder pain and injuries without surgery.

After an injury, pain is often intense and in many cases, physical therapy and natural recovery aren't enough to heal the injury fully and prevent serious long-term complications. This is why people are turning to Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for their treatment.

Both use organic materials from the patient's own body to boost the shoulder’s healing activity. The treatment is simple, non-invasive, and has little to no risk. There is also no additional injury like in surgery, no long-term rehabilitation from the procedure, no hospital visits, and no overnight stays.

Advanced PRP/Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy is simple. In the body, stem cells are “neutral” cells able to transform themselves into any type of tissue the body needs to repair itself. Adding a boost of stem cells into the shoulder creates new healthy tissue and restores current damage tissue as the stem cells transfom themselves.

Platelet Rich Plasma uses the power of platelets found in the blood that contain over 30 growth factors to heal wounds and damaged tissue. In many cases, Dr. Bieber combines both Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to obtain the maximum results.

Avoid Surgery

Many of our patients find their pain significantly reduced and experience an increase in the range of motion of their shoulder. Often, Stem Cell and PRP Therapy can prevent the need for surgery.

These procedures take about three hours to complete and patients find increased comfort after just two weeks, though in some cases, relief may take longer. In severe cases, Dr. Bieber recommends a follow up stem cell injection to ensure that your shoulder treatment works.

Stem Cell Shoulder treatment and PRP shoulder treatment are great alternatives for shoulder surgery. They are treatments that should be tried first before risky shoulder surgery, which has higher chances of long-term complications and involves many months of painful rehabilitation.

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Dr. Benjamin Bieber is a practicing Sports medicine physician with over 30 years of experiencew and after treating tens of thousands of patients, finds both PRP and Stem Cell injections to be the most powerful non-surgical treatments available in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine. They both have proven track records to heal the damaged tissue in severe shoulder injuries.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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