Shoulder Treatment W/ PRP and Stem Cells

Shoulder Treatment W/ PRP and Stem Cells
Shoulder Treatment W/ PRP and Stem Cells

Non-Surgical Shoulder Treatment

Shoulder injuries are common in sports and in life and sometimes can be a very difficult injury to heal because of the size and location of the shoulder joint. Patients end up going months without seeing any real improvement and doctors often recommend surgery if the shoulder doesn't show signs of improvement. Fortunately, there is a safe and effective non-surgical option.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies both Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy, which directly and naturally accelerates the speed of the shoulder's recovery while simultaneously and significantly decreasing pain levels and increasing the shoulder's mobility.

Stem Cell and PRP Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy applies adult stem cells. These stem cells are taken from the patients own body. Using a simple injection, we take stem cells from the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and then re-inject these stem cells into the patient's shoulder. Such stem cells immediately transform themselves into the type of tissue the shoulder needs to repair itself.

In fact, Stem Cells are everywhere in the body and are a vital part of the body’s recovery processes. When a muscle degenerates, stem cells transform themselves into muscle tissue that repairs the area. Unfortunately, in a traumatic injury, there aren’t enough stem cells to repair the full extent of the damage. This is where we come in adding a new source of stem cells for the shoulder to use.

PRP Therapy is another natural technique to treat tissue damage. A sample of the patient’s blood is taken and put in a special filtration system to create PRP. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is composed of platelets, or colorless blood cells that help repair tissue and blood vessel damage.

Once the PRP is ready, it is injected into the shoulder where the 30+ growth factors found in platelets heal tissue damage.

These simple injection procedures have helped thousands of patients just this year recover from painful orthopedic injuries. Athletes like Kobe Byrant use Cell Therapy to help improve their sports-related injuries.

If you are considering risky surgery, try Cell Therapy as your shoulder treatment first. It is both less expensive and less risky. Dr. Bieber has treated tens of thousands of patients in over 30 years of practice as a New York City physician and has never seen a non-surgical procedure have a better outcome or a higher success rate.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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