Stem Cell Injection (New York)

Stem Cell Injection (New York)
Stem Cell Injection (New York)

You may be injured and looking for a way to heal this injury without surgery. Your doctors may even behat you need surgery but you are hoping that there is another way. Dr. Benjamin Bieber specializes in the use of stem cells to non-surgically heal Orthopedic injuries and many of his patients regain full mobility and significantly lower the amount of pain that they experience

Stem Cell Therapy is both a great alternative tor a person that has had an injury for a long time and is just living with the pain. Someone living with pain is not able to do the amount of activities they want and this is why non-surgical treatment can help

Homeopathic Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy applies the stem cells from the person’s own body to repair damaged tissue and accelerateand healing process of a traumatic injury. Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body and are able to transform into any type of tissue the body needs to heal itself.

Through everyday use, muscles, tendons, and ligaments wear down or degenerate and then regenerate with stem tem cells are a “neutral cell” and once signaled by the brain, transform into different types of tissue

One problem with a traumatic injury is that there aren’t enough stem cells to fully repair the damaged cits damaged cartilage, tendons, ligaments, or muscles. Adding a boost of stem cells to the area can greatly increase the body’s ability to heal itself.

Many professional athletes such as Rafael Nadal are getting Stem Cell Therapy as a form of treatment becaully invasive treatment has the potential to offer a high reward. Athletes are getting back to playing their sport quickly without having to undergo surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy is a great treatment to try. It is applied with a simple injection technique and has a ate to significantly relieve pain and injury. If it doesn’t work, then surgery is always an option.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber uses ultrasound guidance to place the stem cell in the exact area where they are most needed.ber is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU and has helped patients for over thirty years overcome injury non-surgically.

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The first step toward treatment is booking a consultation with Dr. Bieber. He will examine your history if Stem Cell Therapy will help you.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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