Stem Cells

  • PRP Heals Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards Elbow

    PRP Heals Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards Elbow

    Today is Christmas!!

    Kawanza starts on December 26th and is celebrated for 1 week!

    Today we start a 21 Blog count down of famous athletes who you and I know who avoided invasive surgery with their use of Platelet Rich Plasma with and without Stem Cells!

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  • Heal Injuries And Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy And Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (New York)

    Heal Injuries And Arthritis With Stem Cell Therapy And Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (New York)

    Everyday, I help patients avoid surgery with Stem Cell Therapy and currently, it is the number one non-surgical alternative to surgery. Professional athletes turn to stem cells to avoid season-ending surgery and many athletes credit the treatment as the most important part of their recovery process.

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  • Stem Cells For Arthritis

    Stem Cells For Arthritis

    Arthritis occurs due to inflammation and as a result, there is a severe breakdown of the cartilage in the body’s joints. The joint is located between two bones allowing the bones to move as intended and the cartilage is a shock absorber so that the two bones do not rub against each other causing friction, swelling, and pain.

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  • Stem Cell Injection (New York)

    Stem Cell Injection (New York)

    You may be injured and looking for a way to heal this injury without surgery. Your doctors may even behat you need surgery but you are hoping that there is another way. Dr. Benjamin Bieber specializes in the use of stem cells to non-surgically heal Orthopedic injuries and many of his patients regain full mobility and significantly lower the amount of pain that they experience

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  • Non-Surgical Treatment And Physical Therapy Program

    Non-Surgical Treatment And Physical Therapy Program

    At Cross Bay PMR, our sole focus is relieving pain and healing injuries through non-surgical medicine. Such treatments accelerate the process of recovery and give you fast pain relief. Afterwards, a physical therapy program is implemented to further one's recovery.

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  • Foot and Ankle Repair

    Foot and Ankle Repair

    Many podiatrists recommend surgery for the type of foot conditions that I can treat non-surgically. The non-surgical treatments I use are organic, non-invasive, and low risk procedures that have high success rates to eliminate foot pain and reduce the severity of your foot condition.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy For ALL Knee Injuries

    Stem Cell Therapy is the most effective non surgical treatment to potentially avoid surgery altogether. Patients are demonstrating that, through Stem Cell Therapy, their injuries are healing and they can get back to normal activity without surgery.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy: The Best Treatment To Avoid Surgery and Alleviate Pain

    Stem Cell Therapy is perhaps one of the most effective and safe procedures in modern medicine to prevent people from getting surgery. Using non-controversial adult stem cells, physicians are able to regenerate and repair damaged tissue, which effectively treats and heals the injury

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