Stem Cell + PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment in New York

Stem Cell + PRP Hair Regrowth Treatment in New York

Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR applies Acell + PRP Hair Restoration treatment to correct damaged hair follicles that will no longer grow hair.  By applying Acell + PRP, it is possible to completely reverse the process of hair loss in our patients, which includes conditions such as Alopecia, Male and Female Pattern Baldness, and Chronic hair thinning. 

Acell + PRP has been proven effective on both men and women to reverse hair loss.  The reason for the high success rate of this non-surgical hair procedure has to do with actually correcting damaged hair follicles. 

Hair follicles go through many life cycles.  At some point, a hair follicle may be too damaged to continue growing hair.  It can be due to inflammation, sun damage, shrinking, or a dried out scalp that stops hair from growing.  Much of this has to do with inadaquate cell produce that can replace and restore the damaged hair follicle cells.  This is where Dr. Bieber implements his Acell + PRP Hair Regrowth treatment. 

By applying Acell + PRP, we can regenerate damaged hair follicles.  Just like an injury that gets better, your hair follicles can heal and as a result, produce the hair that they are meant too.  

Each material that we use, the Acell and the PRP, has specific functions to repair, replace, and create healthy cells for your scalp to utilize.  Acell is a form of stem cells that both attracts stem cells to the area of hair loss and transforms into the type of cell needed for the regeneration of your hair follicles.  

During an injury, like with damaged hair follicles, stem cells transform into the type of cell needed by the body to create proper functioning.  When Acell is added to the areas of hair loss, it becomes new and healthy hair follicles that can physically grow hair.  This is why this solution has such a high success rate. It is able to treat the cause of the problem, which is inactive dying hair follicles.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is another natural ingredient Dr. Bieber uses to invigorate hair growth.  PRP has over 30 growth factors that heal a damaged scalp transforming swollen or shrunken hair follicles back to their original size and shape.  In doing so, the hair follicls can produce more hair strands.  PRP repairs and replaces damaged cells in the hair follicles and perhaps most importantly creates new pathways of circulation to the scalp. 

This new blood flow provides constant nutrients to the hair follicles that can use these nutrients to produce robust hair growth. 

If you are suffering from a hair loss problem,  Acell + PRP has a proven track record to reverse many hair loss conditions such as Alopecia and male and female pattern baldness.

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