Stem Cell Therapy For An ACL Tear - New York

Stem Cell Therapy For An ACL Tear - New York
Stem Cell Therapy For An ACL Tear - New York

Stem Cell Therapy To Repair Your ACL

For many ACL tears, Stem Cell Therapy is sufficient to regenerate healthy tissue and fully repair the ligament damage. It is possible to use Stem Cell Therapy as a safe and effective alternative to invasive knee surgery.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. harvests stem cells from either the fat tissue or bone marrow of the patient and then using ultrasound guidance technology, places these stem cells in the exact spot where healthy tissue is needed to repair the ACL.

Stem Cells are located throughout the body and serve as a “neutral” cell that can transform into a diverse range of tissue including ligament, muscle, tendon, and even organ tissue. When an injury occurs or even normal daily “wear and tear”, stem cells are signaled by the brain to transform into the type of tissue needed to replace the current damaged tissue. This replacement provides new cells that are utilized by the injured area to repair itself.

Unfortunately, in the case of severe injury, there often aren’t enough stem cells to repair tissue damage. When the ACL is significantly damaged, it cannot heal itself fully on it’s own. Many doctors recommend surgery and some people wait out the injury only to have lifelong knee stiffness and disability.

Stem Cell Therapy As An Alternative To Knee Surgery

Surgery has it’s inherent risks too. This invasive procedure often focuses on cutting away damaged tissue and can leave a person with constant knee weakness and disability. Surgery does not physically repair tissue but Stem Cell Therapy can.

It can take six to nine months to recover from ACL surgery and this includes a painful rehabilitation process. Stem Cell Therapy aligns with the current healing process because stem cells are already being used during the body's natural healing process. There is no additional damage given to the ACL after a Stem Cell treatment.

Many professional athletes are using Stem Cell Therapy to avoid season ending surgery while other people are using it to quickly heal a minor or severe ACL tear.

While success can never be guaranteed, Stem Cell Therapy has a proven high success rate to repair ACL tissue damage and help the ACL fully heal. If unsuccessful, surgery is always an option, which is why it is best to attempt Stem Cell Therapy first. Stem Cell Therapy can also improve the results of one’s surgery if surgery is still needed.

It is important that you understand the risks of surgery and that Stem Cell Therapy for an ACL tear is a safe and effective alternative to ACL surgery.

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