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  • Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries And Tears - New York

    Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Injuries And Tears - New York

    There are many different knee injuries that doctors immediately recommend surgery. In many cases, surgery is largely unnecessary but the doctors are unfamiliar with an effective non-surgical treatment that can help the patient. Stem Cell Therapy is perhaps the best non-surgical treatment to repair a wide range of knee injuries including MCL, LCL, ACL, and Meniscus tears.

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  • Stem Cell Therapy For An ACL Tear - New York

    Stem Cell Therapy For An ACL Tear - New York

    For many ACL tears, Stem Cell Therapy is sufficient to regenerate healthy tissue and fully repair the ligament damage. It is possible to use Stem Cell Therapy as a safe and effective alternative to invasive knee surgery.

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    If you are suffering from knee pain, understanding how Stem Cell Therapy or Platelet Rich Pla knee treatment that can significantly decrease pain and improve mobility can change your life. Both treatments are popular among professional athletes that seek a non-surgical solution to their orthopedic injuries.

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  • Hip Replacement Alternative With Stem Cells (New York, New York)

    The hip is the largest joint in the body and in severe and traumatic hip conditions, may doctors first recommend surgery. Conditions such as arthritis, labral tears, and labrum tears were previously seen as only being solved or partially solved through surgery.

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  • Treat Bone on Bone Arthritis With Stem Cells (New York)

    Bone on bone arthritis is a traumatic condition, one in which, I see many of my patients suffering from. Advanced arthritis not only causes severe pain but also intense disability. For many moderate to severe cases of arthritis, orthopedic surgeons recommend surgery, largely because this is their profession but as a non-surgical specialist, I have treated patients non-surgically for arthritis pain and witnessed tremendously beneficial results.

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  • Stem Cell Shoulder Injection

    Stem Cell Therapy provides a non-surgical treatment method to repair traumatic shoulder injuries. This treatment is effective at repairing partial rotator cuff tears, Glenoid labrum tears, and joint arthritis. Patients experience a significant decrease in their pain and an increase mobility.

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