Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Hip Pain and Injuries

Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Hip Pain and Injuries
Stem Cell Therapy For Severe Hip Pain and Injuries

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The hip is the largest joint of the body and directly affects the quality of our life.  Hip pain can drastically alter how we feel about life as we are unable to have the full range of mobility that we are used to.  

Over the past decade, those with hip injuries and chronic hip pain have turned to hip replacement surgery as a last resort to correct such injuries as arthritis, bursitis, and muscle tears.  Both hip arthritis and hip bursitis occur occurs through over use and as we age while a muscle tear in the hip happens more spontaneously, either through a fall or bad twist.  

For these conditions, the first conservative treatment, other than ice and medication has always been physical therapy but when physical therapy fails to help, people have often turned to surgery.  Right now there is a new and natural method to correct these painful hip conditions that has gained a proven track record to decrease pain enough to sidestep surgery altogether.

This method is known as Stem Cell Therapy.  You may have heard of it by now.  We offer Stem Cell Therapy for hip pain in our office that is non-controversial.  It does not involve animal or fetus stem cells but the fat or bone stem cells come from your own body. 

Stem Cells are the body’s “repairman”.  They are neutral cells that transform into any type of body tissue that your body needs at the time.  When your body is injured, stem cells turn into the type of tissue you need and restore the damaged tissue.  With a bad injury, we do not enough stem cells to correct the injury and so one has pain and immobility.  

A boost in stem cells gives the body an extra boost to heal itself.  This is what we do in our office.  We provide Stem Cell Therapy to boost the healing response of your body and this method is proven to help heal severe injuries and medical conditions that were previously thought to have needed surgery.  

Surgery is extremely expensive, invasive, and has the potential for risky complications.  All options should be exhausted before going in for surgery.  Stem Cell Therapy has been a proven treatment for you to regenerate and heal your painful joint and very importantly avoid risky surgery

Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR, located in Howard Beach, Queens has extensive experience using Stem Cell Therapy to help patients recover from a wide range of debilitating injuries.  Call 718-835-0100 today and schedule a consultation!

If you are located outside of the New York area, we can happily recommend hotel and flight accommodations.  We look forward to helping you recover from your hip pain without surgery.  Call 718-835-0100 and schedule a consultation today!

By Benjamin Bieber

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