Stem Cell Therapy For The Hand and Wrist - Cross Bay PMR

Stem Cell Therapy For The Hand and Wrist - Cross Bay PMR

I am sure that you have heard about Stem Cell Therapy, a safe and viable way to quicken the healing process of many different types of injuries. Stem Cell Therapy has a proven track record to not only alleviate pain and help one recover their mobility but also help patients completely avoid even needing surgery.

One such area that Stem Cell Therapy has shown tremendously positive results in is wrist injuries. Wrist problems such as chronic tendonitis of the wrist or hand, joint wrist arthritis, wrist sprains, and partial wrist tears.

This procedure is non-surgical and much less expensive than surgery is. Stem Cell Therapy also does not have the same long-term rehabilitation and risk as surgery does.

There is no controversy with the stem cells in this procedure too. The stem cells are taken from one’s own fat or bone cells and have nothing to do with animal or fetus stem cells. Stem Cell Therapy is non-controversial and a safe method to treat injuries.

Commonly treated hand and wrist injuries with Stem Cell Therapy are:

-Hand, Wrist, and Joint Arthritis



-TFCC tear

-Carpal tunnel syndrome

-Trigger finger

-DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis

Stem Cell Injection Procedure:

The procedure is about two hours long and then you are free to go home or about normal daily activity. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays.

Modern techniques in today’s medicine allow us to draw stem cells from either the body’s bone marrow or fat cells depending on the injury.

The stem cells that we obtain are then concentrated and re-injected into the damaged area with advanced imaging guidance so we have the best possible chance to exactly treat the targeted areas of pain.

How Stem Cells Work:

Stem Cells are everywhere in the body. They are used as the body’s “repairman” cells. When an area is injured, stem cells transform themselves into the type of cell that the body needs to repair and restore the damaged tissue.

What we are essentially doing in the procedure is adding an extra boost of stem cells into the damaged area to restore and repair the damaged tissue. This healthy tissue, replacing damaged tissue, helps the wrist act as normal and with much less pain.

In this way, this procedure is organic and natural because only cells from one’s own body are used. This is why there is very little risk or rehabiliation time.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR, located in Howard Beach, Queens, has extensive experience treating patients with wrist injuries using Stem Cell Therapy. If you are experiencing chronic wrist pain and are even thinking about going in for surgery, which should always be a last resort, it is beneficial and much less expensive to try Stem Cell Therapy first.

Call 718-835-0100 and schedule a consultation today! At your consultation, we will go over the potential benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for you. If you are located outside of New York, we can happily recommend hotel and flight accomodations. We look forward to helping you treat this injury.

By Benjamin Bieber

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