Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Knee Replacement Surgery

Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Knee Replacement Surgery
Stem Cell Therapy Vs. Knee Replacement Surgery

Escaping Knee Surgery

A severe knee injury is always disastrous.  One can either wait months for the knee to heal without any real results or it is often recommended by a surgeon to get knee surgery.  Of course, a surgeon is going to recommend surgery because this is their job but as a non-surgical specialist, I am here to tell your there are ways to correct your knee injury non-surgically, without going under the knife, and without spending many months in painful rehabilitation.

Many of my patients are experiencing tremendous success with Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy to repair complex and painful knee injuries like treatment for a torn ACL. These non-surgical procedures, applied using only a special injection technique, naturally accelerate the recovery process of an injury allowing torn tendons and ligaments to heal themselves.

Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy are even being used as a way to treat arthritis helping the knee grow back cartilage. It is a very promising and powerful non-surgical way to foster knee repair and is being praised on endless media outlets.

It is about time that surgery becomes outdated and with one of these procedures and physical therapy, this goal can be accomplished.

Depending on the severity of the injury, Dr. Bieber will decide which therapy to use or in most cases, use a combination of both.

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy applies the use of adult stem cells that come from the patient’s own body. They can be taken from the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow. Once the stem cells are filtered and separated from either the fat tissue or bone marrow, they are simply injected into areas of the knee using ultrasound guidance to find the exact location where the stem cells will be of most benefit. Dr. Bieber is one of the only doctors in the world that is applying Stem Cells with ultrasound guidance to find the best location for his patients' knee treatment.

Once in the knee, stem cells transform themselves into the type of tissue needed to progressively heal the knee. This is the job of stem cells. Stem Cells are everywhere in the body and act as a ‘neutral’ cell able to transform immediately into different types of tissue the body needs at the time. Once injected into the knee, stem cells, signaled by the brain, transform into the tissue that the knee needs to heal itself. Many patients feel a vast improvement within weeks of the procedure.

PRP Treatment

PRP Therapy applies the use of platelets in the blood. Platelets of the PRP are color less blood cells that repair tissue and blood vessel damage. When repairing blood vessel damage, increased blood circulation to the area provides ‘nourishment’ to the injured tendons ligaments, and blood vessels.

In most cases of injury, there aren’t enough Stem Cells and circulation in the area to fix the extent of the damage done. Dr. Bieber, by adding these new tools to the knee, can give the body what it needs to ‘finish’ the job of healing.

Most people do not know about these non-surgical options and are being told when they go to the hospital or to a general surgeon that they need surgery. This is often not the case. Dr. Bieber will figure out if you actually need surgery or whether there will be a high chance of success for you when using Stem Cell and PRP knee treatment.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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