Stem Cell Treatment For A Meniscus Tear - New York

Stem Cell Treatment For A Meniscus Tear - New York
Stem Cell Treatment For A Meniscus Tear - New York

Repair Your Meniscus Naturally And Non-Surgically

Suffering from a meniscus tear can damper anyone’s quality of life.  A torn meniscus usually creates a localized pain in the knee when twisting or squatting.  People can often sit, walk, stand or even run without much pain.  Many meniscus tears can be treated with physical therapy and recovery is possible within several months.  Others, require more extensive treatment.

For those dealing with constant knee pain, it is possible to repair your torn meniscus without surgery using Stem Cell Therapy.  It is very common that a meniscus tear appear on an MRI but this doesn’t mean surgery is the best option.  A series of studies concludes that meniscus surgery is often no more effective than physical therapy or no treatment at all.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for a Menisuc Tear allows for a natural and accelerated recovery of a torn meniscus.  You can often repair your knee quickly and avoid any long-term symptoms resulting from your injury.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. applies Adult Stem Cell Therapy to induce cellular regeneration.  This means that when stem cells are applied to the knee, they are able to transform into healthy meniscus tissue and replace current damaged tissue.

With a simple, non-invasive Stem Cell injection, stem cells begin repair of damaged tissue.  As the healing process continues, normal rehabilitation such as physical therapy will further help your knee return to it’s normal health and strength.  Dr. Bieber retrieves stem cells from either fat tissue or bone marrow and then immediately places these stem cells within the knee.

Importantly, there is no further damage done to the knee as with surgery.  After a surgical procedure, knee degeneration often takes place because a part of the meniscus is removed.  Stem Cell Therapy just boosts the ability of the body to heal the knee by giving the body more tools to heal itself

Stem Cell Therapy, as a same-day injection procedure, allows our patients to avoid knee the long-term and painful rehabilitation process of surgery.  Stem Cell Therapy uses the power of your stem cells and platelets to accelerate the repair of damaged cell tissue.  There are no hospital visits or overnight stays and you are able to participate in normal activity right after treatment.

If you are experiencing knee pain and know that you have a meniscus tear, it is important that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Bieber.  Stem Cell Therapy can rapidly accelerate your healing process.  During your consultation, Dr. Bieber will discuss how your Stem Cell treatment will be applied and what to expect after a Stem Cell treatment.

If you were recommended surgery, please also schedule a consultation with Dr. Bieber to receive a second opinion.  It is more than likely that you do not need surgery and as surgery is an extremely invasive procedure, it is best to avoid.

Call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation today.

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