Stem Cell Treatment For Your Rotator Cuff

Stem Cell Treatment For Your Rotator Cuff
Stem Cell Treatment For Your Rotator Cuff

Repair Your Rotator Cuff With Stem Cells

A rotator cuff injury is often persistent and the healing process last months. In many cases, the shoulder doesn’t fully heal leaving a person susceptible to weakness, pain, and stiffness. In severe cases, surgery for a rotator cuff tear is recommended but I am here to tell you that this surgery can be unnecessary.

People with rotator cuff tears either succumb to their doctor’s advice and get surgery or wait months for the injury to heal. Often, a person is left with a weak shoulder permanently because of tissue damage, where the shoulder never fully heals.

There is now a third option to heal your shoulder effectively and repair rotator cuff tissue damage. Stem Cell Therapy is one of the most powerful and safe non-surgical treatments in medicine today. It offers a safe and effective alternative to shoulder surgery and offers people with long-term shoulder stiffness and pain a way to recover naturally from their injury.

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body and transform into healthy tissue as the body deteriorates through normal “wear and tear”. Unfortunately, during a traumatic injury, there aren’t enough stem cells to fully regenerate healthy tissue and replace current damage tissue. The shoulder is left with damaged tissue and a disabling injury. To fix the shoulder, surgery is recommended.

Avoid Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery is a risky and invasive procedure and often leaves a person with permanent shoulder weakness and disability. The unintended consequences of shoulder surgery is a real risk and entirely avoidable

Many of my patients see profound results after Stem Cell Therapy. Here, stem cells derived from the patient’s own fat tissue or bone marrow are injected into the shoulder. This new source of healing material is utilized by the body to accelerate tissue repair and the recovery process of a rotator cuff tear.

Patients see a marked improvement. Many patients heal this rotator cuff tear completely after Stem Cell Therapy and others see an improvement that allows the shoulder to heal on it’s own with time. After Stem Cell Therapy, physical therapy is still recommended to rebuild shoulder strength and aid in the healing process.

Because Stem Cells are a naturally occurring cell in the body, this treatment aligns with the current healing process or if healing has stopped, stimulated a renewed healing response. Either way, this treatment is great to try before undergoing surgery. Surgery is always an option but trying Stem Cell Therapy first provides the opportunity to potentially avoid invasive surgery altogether.

It is best to receive a multitude of opinions when it come’s to the treatment of an injury and at your office visit, we can go over how a simple stem cell injection can heal your rotator cuff injury. With Stem Cell Therapy for a rotator cuff injury, there are no hospital visits or overnight stays and there is little risk involved because this non-surgical treatment applies your body’s own stem cells to heal your shoulder.

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