Treatment For Boxing Injuries

Treatment For Boxing Injuries
Treatment For Boxing Injuries

Treatment For Boxers

In boxing, being an impact sport, it’s athlete’s often sustain injuries, in fact most boxers sustain an injury after every match. Hopefully, the injuries aren’t bad enough to warrant surgery or months away from the sport.

Boxers have to deal with chronic pain in particular body parts that also have been previously injured. Cross Bay PMR offers the opportunity to non-surgically eliminate this pain and heal a wide variety of injuries without the use of surgery.

The Benefits of Non-Surgical Treatment Methods

There are many injuries that doctors recommend surgery for that I am able to treat non-surgically using PRP and Stem Cell injections. These injections are low-risk, non-invasive treatments that use organic material taken from the patient’s own body. They in no way can harm the patient and do not further injure the patient like in surgery.

The procedure takes only 3 hours to complete and then the athlete can go about a normal restful day. In surgery, the patient has to rehabilitate for at least 6 months and many times for a year before they can return to their sport.

With non-surgical PRP and Stem Cell injections, the treatment aligns with the already current healing process. There is no extra time for healing and in fact, these treatments rapidly accelerate the recovery process by fostering new healthy cell growth.

When an complex injury occurs or one experiences chronic pain, the cells are damaged past the body’s ability to immediately heal itself. It takes a very long period of time and sometimes, the injury never fully heals providing long-term effects such as chronic pain.

Reparing Tissue Damage

PRP and Stem Cells repair damaged muscle tissue directly, physically creating new healthy muscle tissue that replaces the damaged tissue. With new cells operating in the area, there is a significant decrease in pain experienced and a drastic improvement in one's mobility. This new mobility contributes to the boxer’s ability in the ring.

The boxer will be more agile without the stiffness and pain of an injury because the body has the tools it needs to create and maintain healthy tissue.

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Dr. Benjamin Bieber is a Sports Medicine New York doctor for over 30 years and has helped tens of thousands of patients recover from severe injuries without the use of surgery. In all these years, he is finding both PRP therapy and Stem Cell Therapy to be the most effective non-invasive procedure in medicine.

Dr. Bieber is known throughout the U.S. as a Stem Cell and PRP expert treating everyone from celebrity athlete’s to helping people avoid surgery. Call 718-835-0754 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Bieber now!

By Benjamin Bieber

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