A Way To Avoid Surgery With Stem Cell Therapy

A Way To Avoid Surgery With Stem Cell Therapy

Have you ever wondered if there was a viable alternative to surgery? This way you could get treated and not have to go under the knife, not have to endure the recovery period, and not have to endure painful rehabilitation.

Now, for knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, shoulder surgery, hand surgery, and even surgery for arthritis, there is a viable alternative in regenerative medicine that has the potential to heal injuries that once needed surgery.

The treatment is called stem cell therapy. I am sure you are familiar with stem cell research. Well, these stem cells come from your own body and are in no way controversial because they are non-embryonic and not from animals either.

We take them from either your body’s fat cells or bone marrow and use the stem cells to regrow healthy tissue in the injured area. The result is healthy tissue that repairs the damaged tissue and therefore, the injury and its pain goes away. Stem Cell Therapy is great for athletes who want to avoid surgery and get back to their sport as quickly as possible.

Here is how stem cells work. Stem Cells are like the body’s neutral cell. They transform into the type of cell the body needs at that time. Since the body goes through its wear and tear everyday, stem cells help to regenerate the damaged cells of the body.

In the case of an injury, the cells are damaged past the point of a natural repair. Adding new stem cells to the damaged site gives the healing process the power it needs to regrow enough healthy tissue and repair enough damaged tissue so that the injury is fixed.

This is a natural treatment. There are no chemicals used, just cells from your body. There are also no hospital visits or overnight stays. If you have a serious injury that is thought to require surgery, you may be able to do Stem Cell Therapy instead which is non-invasive and less expensive than surgery. Call 718-835-0100 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Bieber. Its makes sense to try it.

Cross Bay PMR is located in Howard Beach, Queens. We can help to provide accommodations and flight information if you live out of state. Give us a try today and forget about surgery!

Benjamin Bieber

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