Acl Tear

  • NY Jets runningback Mike Goodson Tears ACL and MCL

    Lately there has been an epidemic of increased osteoarthritis in younger patients, along with those that who have suffered from injuries like meniscus & ACL tears. Recently, Mike Goodson the Jets running back had torn his ACL and MCL in his knee during the loss to the Steelers last Sunday.

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  • Autologous Bone Marrow Concentrate Therapy

    Regenerative cells derived from autologous bone marrow may show promise in various orthopedic applications. The autologous bone marrow concentrate therapy is when your own adult bone marrow is used to isolate stem cells. The stem cells are used to repair damaged ligaments, cartilage, discs, muscles, nerves and bones.

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  • Malcolm Mitchell Georgia Bulldogs ACL Tear

    It’s finally happening football season is here! But, don’t’ get too excited because it has been filled with a multitude of injuries to many players in both the NCAA and NFL. One injury that stands out is Malcolm Mitchell’s knee Injury. The Georgia wide receiver suffered from a season-ending ACL Tear in his touchdown celebration.

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