NY Jets runningback Mike Goodson Tears ACL and MCL

NY Jets runningback Mike Goodson Tears ACL and MCL

Lately there has been an epidemic of increased osteoarthritis in younger patients, along with those that who have suffered from injuries like meniscus & ACL tears. Recently, Mike Goodson the Jets running back had torn his ACL and MCL in his knee during the loss to the Steelers last Sunday. With all these injuries going on you may be wondering if there is any type of treatment available? Luckily, there are new therapeutic procedures that can be performed to speed up the recovery process for individuals that may be suffering from osteoarthritis or even partial tears of their menisci or ACL and MCL.

Bone marrow concentrate therapy (BMC) is one of the newest treatments available to lessen pain and improve function in knee osteoarthritis, muscle injuries, ligament sprains or tears (MCL, LCL, ACL) and bursitis. In addition, this type of therapy can be used to treat other body parts as well and is not just restricted to the knees. BMC therapy is a same-day therapy that is delivered in an office setting, which means there is no overnight stay at a hospital. You are able to come into the clinic and leave the same day!

Bone marrow concentrate contains mesenchymal cells (MSCs), pluripotent stem cells, platelets (containing growth factors), and cytokines. Certain properties of bone-marrow cells, which include anti-inflammatory and immune regulating properties, are responsible for the regeneration of the damaged tissue. BMC therapy is an autologous form of treatment meaning that the treatment comes from your own body’s cells. The procedure starts by harvesting blood from the bone marrow space from the iliac crest of the hip, subsequently an injectable product can be produced after using a bi-directional centrifuge to concentrate the stem cells that were withdrawn. Finally, the treatment will be administered through a simple outpatient procedure using ultrasound guidance for accurate need placement.

If you would like more information about autologous bone marrow concentrate therapy, please contact us at our office conveniently located in Howard Beach, NY. At Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation you will work with Dr. Bieber who is an expert in non-surgical orthopedics. He will educate you on the latest in regenerative medicine and other non-surgical treatment options helping you select the best road to your recovery.

By Benjamin Bieber

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