Acne Scarring Treatment With PRP

Acne Scarring Treatment With PRP
Acne Scarring Treatment With PRP

Remove Acne Scarring

It seems like we all have some acne scarring and an incredible way to relieve this tissue scarring is with a PRP Facial.

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP provokes a natural healing response in the skin allowing for new cells and tissue to develop and replace dead scar tissue.  The result is a percent decrease in acne scarring after just one treatment.  Then, as this works, separate treatments can help further decrease acne scarring.

PRP is a healthy material.  It is made from a person’s blood during treatment.  The platelets of PRP have tremendous healing power and is already at this moment being used to heal body tissue.  These platelets are simply found in the blood and can be concentrated for a facial treatment.

Acne scarring is irritating to say the least.  A healthy facial treatment rejuvenates the face but what’s different with PRP is that cell repair is actually occurring at the same time.  This enable the decrease in scar tissue.

You work hard to care for your face everyday.  This treatment is done through a healthy injection of the body’s own materials.

PRP is great for other facial signs of aging as well like wrinkles and crow’s feet.  It is not just scarring that PRP can treat.  In fact, PRP is being used throughout medicine to help people overcome injury.  Athletes are using PRP regularly as a way to heal tissue.

Applied to the face, PRP contains over 30 growth factors to repair tissue damage and allow for new skin to replace scar tissue.  You can call (212) 268-8181 and schedule a consultation. Our offices are located in New York City.

Having tried the PRP facial myself, I can tell you that I did experience results and my acne scars were less prominent.  A few injections back to back has a profound impact on the health of the skin.

Cosmetic treatment applying PRP is a growing field.  Many of the body’s problems begin with tissue damage.  PRP is a way to repair this tissue.  Doctors throughout the country are beginning to focus down on PRP as an alternative to surgery.  In fact, at Cross Bay PMR, we help patients overcome hair loss and many types of injury with PRP.

Dr. Bieber is experienced in almost all areas of the body in regards to Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.  He is an NYU Clinical Assistant Professor and created a conference at Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, an NYU Rehabilitation Center featuring state-of-the-art natural medical treatment.

Please call (212) 268-8181 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Bieber.

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