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  • Acne Scarring Treatment With PRP

    Acne Scarring Treatment With PRP

    It seems like we all have some acne scarring and an incredible way to relieve this tissue scarring is with a PRP Facial.

    Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP provokes a natural healing response in the skin allowing for new cells and tissue to develop and replace dead scar tissue. The result is a percent decrease in acne scarring after just one treatment. Then, as this works, separate treatments can help further decrease acne scarring.

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  • PRP Facial Treatment New York

    PRP Facial Treatment New York

    It is essential that an anti-aging facial treatment be healthy for your skin. You really don’t want to be putting unknown chemicals into your face. Furthermore, what makes for a facial treatment that will provide you the maximum benefit? The answer is cellular regeneration or the breakdown of old, damaged cells and the creation of new and healthy cells.

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  • Bio Facial With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    Bio Facial With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

    There is an all natural procedure that replaces the out-dated toxic botox and other forms of plastic surgery. A Bio Facial has a wide range of applications including reducing wrinkles, removing tired eyes and crows feet, treating acne scarring, and reversing others signs of aging like drooping skin and forehead lines.

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