Baseball Player Uses PRP Treatment To Fix Elbow

Baseball Player Uses PRP Treatment To Fix Elbow

As winter finally shows signs of fading away and with spring just being right around the corner, it’s finally time for some outdoor sports! Unfortunately with sports also comes injuries, but luckily through the advancements made in medicine the injuries sustained can be treated. Baseball, America’s favorite pastime has had it’s fair share of injuries, just ask Oregon State future baseball prospect Christian Martinek.

It was nearly a year ago, on March 27th, 2013 where the 6’ 5” lefty pitcher thought his dream of playing in the major leagues was over. During the Crusaders trip to Arizona in the third inning, Martinek felt a pop in his left elbow as the young gunslinger delivered a fast ball. Martinek stated that “That day I felt (the injury), it was like, ‘My life’s over.’” An MRI later revealed that he sustained an ulnar collateral sprain in his pitching elbow and was shut down for the remainder of the season.

Once again, through the advancements made in medicine Christian Martinek’s injury was able to be treated. He underwent platelet rich plasma therapy, which utilized his own blood in the treatment process. This treatment is used to decrease the pain and help to regrow the torn tissue, with the use of a high concentration of growth factors that are created after spinning the patient’s blood in a centrifuge. This type of treatment allows for the rapid recovery and healing of partial tears sustained in tendon, cartilage and ligament injuries.

Christian is still a top pitching prospect in the Northwest, even though he may have missed his entire junior season after sustaining his left elbow injury. After taking some time off playing baseball and allowing his elbow to recover following the treatment Martinek states that "It's 100 percent. Taking that time off really helped. I'm really excited about the (upcoming baseball) season."

If you or someone you may know that may have suffered from a similar injury and would like to know more about this innovative treatment plan, I encourage you to come in for a consultation at my office, Cross Bay Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, P.C.located in Howard Beach, Queens.

By Benjamin Bieber

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