Elbow Injury

  • Non-Surgical PRP Treatment For A Partially Torn Elbow Ligament

    The Chicago White Sox’s star pitcher Chris Sales suffered a flexor strain in his pitching elbow and has been placed on the disabled list. If you saw the picture of him pitching you would cringe at the sight and say to yourself, “that doesn’t look right.” However, Mr. Sales always seemed to have awkward mechanics, which was noted when he was drafted by the White Sox.

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  • Baseball Player Uses PRP Treatment To Fix Elbow

    As winter finally shows signs of fading away and with spring just being right around the corner, it’s finally time for some outdoor sports! Unfortunately with sports also comes injuries, but luckily through the advancements made in medicine the injuries sustained can be treated.

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  • PRP Therapy And Elbow Injuries

    Injuries and sports just seem to go hand in hand nowadays, just ask James Harden the Houston Rockets star Shooting Guard. During his last game against the Golden State Warriors Harden bumped into Jeremy Lin and actually hyperextended his right elbow.

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