Bio Facial With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Bio Facial With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Bio Facial With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Natural Anti-Aging Treatment With PRP

There is an all natural procedure that replaces the out-dated toxic botox and other forms of plastic surgery. A Bio Facial has a wide range of applications including reducing wrinkles, removing tired eyes and crows feet, treating acne scarring, and reversing others signs of aging like drooping skin and forehead lines.

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, the magical plasma comped of platelets that regenerates damaged facial tissue and returns loose muscles back to their normal tightness. Platelets are specifically used by the body to repair blood vessel damage and applied to the face, new collagen is stimulated and the skin regenerates itself.

A Healthy Effective Alternative To Plastic Surgery

PRP Therapy is not like plastic surgery, where the treatment covers up the signs of aging for a period of time but actually brings your skin back to it’s original youthful glow. As we age, the skin and muscles sag through facial expressions, gravity, and time and the lines of aging appear. PRP fixes this problem directly removing such sag lines by regenerating the muscles that cause them.

When it comes to acne scarring, PRP produces new collagen that heals skin and scar tissue. The scar damaged tissue disappears due to this repair.

PRP may take a few treatments to get the desired look that you want but this look is sustained for long periods of time. It is your actual skin and facial muscles that is repaired. It is not some toxic material like botox holding up the muscles falsely for a brief period of time and once your skin is back to it’s youthful glow, it may only take one or two treatments each year to sustain this look.

The Power Of PRP

The platelets in PRP are the same platelets that heal cuts and wounds throughout the body. Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies platelets to the face and the needling technique of a Bio facial invokes a healing response. The prp accelerates the healing resonse giving it power to bring the facial musclesto full health (which, consequently, removes skinning sagging, aging lines of aging, and facial scars).

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Dr. Benjamin Bieber is a physician for over 30 years and applies cosmetic PRP regularly to a multitude of patients. At Cross Bay PMR, we can deliver a youthful healthy look without the toxins or invasiveness of plastic surgery.

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