Hair Restoration


    Hair loss is a significant problem as we get older. It can cause an extreme amount of self-consciousness as hair starts falling out and bald stops begin to appear. Dr. Benjamin Bieber helps patients naturally produce hair restoration by rejuvenating hair follicles. Hair loss and alopecia occur partly because hair follicles can no longer produce hair.

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  • Hair Restoration With PRP For Women

    Hair Restoration Therapy is now extremely popular with women because it offers the chance to end hair thinning. Before Hair Restoration, either surgery or medications like Rogaine were used, which does not fix the core problem but only moves hair around or revitalizes hair follices for the short term.

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  • Hair Restoration For Alopecia

    Hair Restoration Treatment is a non-surgical option for hair growth. Hair Restoration is part of the Regenerative Medicine movement that harnesses the body’s own growth factors and organic processes to re-stimulate damaged hair follicles. The secret has to do with Stem Cell Therapy.

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  • Natural Hair Restoration For Alopecia

    Up until now, there has been three choices to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, which are, one stay bald, two topical medications, and three, hair transplant surgery. But who wants to increasingly become bald or get hair surgery.

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