Natural Hair Restoration For Alopecia

Natural Hair Restoration For Alopecia

Up until now, there has been three choices to male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, which are, one stay bald, two topical medications, and three, hair transplant surgery. But who wants to increasingly become bald or get hair surgery.

Then you ask yourself if topical medications actually work. Does rogaine work? For some, they might work, and how much do they work? What is rogaine?

It is about time a non-surgical treatment can be performed by a doctor that actually creates hair restoration. There are a few forms of thinning hair and baldness medically known as alopecia. There is alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia to name a few of the main hair conditions.

What is alopecia but a process of continued thinning hair. Well, this is because your hair follicles are increasingly unable to produce new hair growth and thick hair growth causing the thin hair and baldness.

In Hair Restoration Therapy, our aim is to re-stimulate your hair follicles so they again grow natural and healthy hair and continue to grow hair in the future because the hair follicles are indeed healthy.

We use Platelet Rich Plasma to accomplish this feat. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from a blood sample taken during one’s treatment and the blood sample is concentrated in a centrifugation creating a dense plasma. This plasma, containing growth factors and the body’s natural healing properties, is then immediately injected into the dried out hair follicles stimulating tissue regeneration.

In other words, your hair follicles grow new and healthy tissue creating a healthy follicle that is again able to produce hair. It is that simple with modern regenerative medicine.

Studies demonstrate that PRP increases the follicular unit yield by 15.1% suggesting an increase of 480 new hairs per every 100cm^2 treated surface area. PRP also helps to diminish scalp redness, crusting, irritation, and swelling.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR has extensive experience treating patients with Hair Restoration Therapy and helping both male and female patients reverse spotted baldness and thinning hair. Call 718-835-0100 today to schedule an evaluation!

As our offices are located in Howard Beach, Queens, New York, if you are located outside of New York, we can help you to set up flights and accommodations. Call today at 718-835-0100!

By Benjamin Bieber



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