Hip Replacement Alternative With Stem Cells (New York, New York)

Hip Replacement Alternative With Stem Cells (New York, New York)

Stem Cell Injection

The hip is the largest joint in the body and in severe and traumatic hip conditions, may doctors first recommend surgery. Conditions such as arthritis, labral tears, and labrum tears were previously seen as only being solved or partially solved through surgery.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case and there is a stem cell alternative to hip surgery. Using a combination stem cell injection and prp injection, it is possible to significantly repair painful hip conditions including osteonecrosis, bursitis, arthritis, tendinopathy, labral tears, and labrum tears.

A stem cell injection applies stem cells to the hip. These stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body and then immediately injected into the hip. Once inside the hip, stem cells physically transform into the type of tissue the hip needs to repair itself.

In fact, stem cells are everywhere in a person’s body. They acts as a “neutral” cell able to transform into any type of tissue the body needs to repair itself. When stem cells receive a signal and direction from the brain, they then transform into specialized cells.

Alternative To Hip Surgery

A traumatic hip injury often cannot repair on it’s own. Because of the severity of the injury, there aren’t enough stem cells to transform into healthy tissue and repair a damaged hip, especially if the condition is degenerative like arthritis.

This is where we come in! By adding a boost of stem cells, Dr. Bieber can accelerate the recovery and healing of the hip such that not only is pain significantly decreased but the condition can actually be reversed.

For example, with arthritis, a stem cell injection has the potential to add new cartilage to the hip joint decreasing pain, increasing mobility, and reversing the degenerative process of arthritis. In the case of a labrum or labral tear, stem cells may sufficiently repair this cartilage such that only physical therapy is needed to help the hip finish it’s healing process.

Either way, hip surgery is extremely invasive and risky. It is a great idea to try a simple injection procedure first, which has a success rate of repairing your hip condition. Then, and only then, if you do not see any improvement, you still have the option to get a surgical procedure.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Benjamin Bieber. He will determine what type of injection gives you the best chance of recovery. Again, these injections are natural as the materials used come from the patients own body.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

There is a high success rate for hip treatment with stem cells and it acts as a safe and effective alternative to hip surgery. Call (718) 835-0100 and schedule your consultation today!

By Benjamin Bieber

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