Non-Surgical Treatment For Pain

Non-Surgical Treatment For Pain
Non-Surgical Treatment For Pain

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A Non-Surgical Plan For Pain

After sustaining a trauma, other muscles and ligaments compensate for the injury and work overtime. If there is too much train, they too will weaken, tighten, and injure inducing pain. What I do at Cross Bay PMR is not only treat the injury but also the surrounding painful areas.

One common example is as the muscles tighten when compensating for an injured area, the muscles can develop painful knots, or trigger points. These trigger points are often seen in the back muscles, neck muscles, and the side of the legs causing disabling aggravating pain.

This is where we come in.

Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies the use of a special injection technique called a trigger point injection to safely break up these knots of fibrotic tissue. Although you may have a medical condition, it is dense and damaged fibrotic tissue that is adding extra pain to the injury, which makes the pain unbearable.

This highly successful approach relieves this pain and treats medical conditions such as neck and low back pain, arthritis of the hip and knee, tendinitis, sports injuries (i.e. knee, shoulder, elbow, hip), headaches, and fibromyalgia.

Pain Free Treatment

The process is simple. The goal of this treatment is for the patient to leave the examination room pain free or with significantly less pain.

Often, injuries involve an affected segment of the spinal cord, which adds extra to the pain as well. Both the area of the spinal cord and the injury are simultaneously treated at Cross Bay PMR.

Three injections are used to eliminate pain. First is the Paraspinous block, which relieves the pain in the spine. Next is the pre-injection block, which numbs the injured for a trigger point injection and thirdly, a trigger point injection is applied to mechanically break up the fibrotic tissue which is a major source of pain.

Other precipitating factors must be identified and stopped to deter pain from recurring such as poor posture, psychological tensions, endocrine abnormalities, or vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Cross Bay PMR with Dr. Benjamin Bieber

Cross Bay PMR is a Sports Medicine and Orthopedic pain management center and located in Howard Beach, Queens. Call 718-835-0754 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Benjamin Bieber!

Other valuable and powerful non-surgical treatment options include a Stem Cell injection and a PRP injection, or a Platelet Rich Plasma injection. Both use organic material to restore damaged tissue and thereby accelerate the injury’s healing process and drastically reduce pain.

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After a thorough examination, Dr. Bieber chooses from a range of non-surgical treatments options that will work the best for you and have the highest success rate at eliminating the pain you are experiencing. Call 718-835-0754 now and schedule a consultation with Dr. Bieber!

If you are thinking about surgery, please come in first a for a second opinion. Dr. Bieber is a renowned leader in non-surgical medicine and many of these treatments can prevent the need for surgery altogether.

Your pain doesn't have to last forever!

By Benjamin Bieber

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