Potential Non-Surgical Cure For Hip Arthritis

Potential Non-Surgical Cure For Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is no little thing to scoff at. The hip joint bears much of one’s weight and pain in the hip can affect one in all aspects of life including some of the most important functions like walking, sitting, and climbing stairs. So how does one get rid of chronic hip pain brought on by arthritis?

Recent conservative treatments have included anti-inflammatories, medications, and physical therapy and when the arthritic condition worsens, hip replacement surgery has been needed. Hip surgery is not a walk in the park as there is not only many risks including nerve damage, blood clots, damage to an artery, or damage to ligaments in and around the hip joint but also a long period of recovery and rehabilitation, which is anywhere from 6 months to 1 year.

It is about time the modern age brought on a new non-surgical and non-invasive treatment for arthritis to eliminate one’s chronic and painful hip condition. The answer simply lies in the advancements of regenerative medicine and cellular therapy. In this method, you are able to potentially experience total healing without hip surgery.

Cellular Therapy is natural and organic in that it uses the body’s organic materials to produce a stimulated and accelerated healing response in your hip so that new tissue can grow. This new tissue replaces the cartilage that you lose and is causing your hip arthritis so that the joint is fully repaired.

While the success of the treatment is not and cannot be guaranteed, we have had many patients in our office produce positive and beneficial results through Cellular Therapy. The best thing that you can do to get back to your no pain self is to call today for an evaluation and see if you can avoid hip surgery through a non-surgical method.

Call 718-835-0100 today for an appointment. Dr. Benjamin Bieber at Cross Bay PMR has extensive experience treating joint conditions through the power for regenerative medicine and cellular therapy.

We are located in Howard Beach, Queens, New York and can help provide flights and accommodations for those out of state. It is about time a non-surgical solution came into view for arthritis and the answer is in orthopedic medicine. Call 718-835-0100 today for an evaluation.

By Benjamin Bieber

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