PRP Facial Treatment New York

PRP Facial Treatment New York
PRP Facial Treatment New York

Reverse The Signs Of Facial Aging

It is essential that an anti-aging facial treatment be healthy for your skin.  You really don’t want to be putting unknown chemicals into your face.  Furthermore, what makes for a facial treatment that will provide you the maximum benefit?  The answer is cellular regeneration or the breakdown of old, damaged cells and the creation of new and healthy cells.

This is all that matters.  To be able to regenerate new cells and replace old, damaged cells relieve wrinkles, crow’s feet and many of the other facial signs of aging.  Importantly, it provides your skin with that coveted youthful glow.  

Cell Rebirth

Using Platelet Rich Plasma or PRR Therapy, we are able to repair damaged cells and stimulate cell rebirth.  This is how old skin can be shed and new skin can rejuvenate the face.  PRP contains over 30 growth factors to repair damaged cells tissue and utilizes the platelets found in the blood, one of the body’s main healing properties.  A sample of blood is drawn from the patient during treatment and immediately placed inside the skin to foster cell repair.

This treatment has a number of benefits.  It can relieve the appearance of tired eyes, reduce wrinkles, treat acne scarring, take away forehead lines and reverse many of the other signs of aging as well.  

Dr. Bieber applies a special needling technique during the PRP facial treatment to stimulate an immune response by your body.  This stimulates the platelets, fibroblasts, collagen, elastin, and growth factors to regenerate facial tissue.  New collagen forms around six weeks after this treatment.  

The healing process of a PRP facial is completed in three phases: inflammation, regeneration and remodeling.  The inflammation stage occurs for just two or three days as fibroblasts entire the site and break down old cells.  These fibroblasts are responsible for the stimulation of collagen.  Currently, collagen cells in the face are unhealthy and producing some of one’s obvious signs of aging.  Fibroblasts serve to heal create healthy collagen. 

Next, is the Regenerative phase, which occurs between day 5 and 15 and can last several weeks.  Here, fibroblasts changing into myofibroblasts and much of the new collagen is produced during this phase.  

Finally, there is the remodeling phase, where collagen is still being produced but also matures and strengthens.  Facial tissue repair is improved rejuvenating the skin and demonstrating the beginning signs of the desired change in appearance.  

Facial repair and reversing the signs of facial aging relies on cell repair and rebirth.  Platelet Rich Plasma accomplishes this aim by using one of the most beneficial healing properties in the body.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber, M.D. specializes in helping his patients achieve their desired look with all-natural treatment.

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