PRP For Sport's Injuries

PRP For Sport's Injuries
PRP For Sport's Injuries

PRP And Stem Cell Treatment With Dr. Benjamin Bieber

First is that at Cross Bay PMR, we apply Stem Cell Therapy and/or PRP therapy depending on the patient's area of injury and the treatment that is most likely heal the damaged site.

Applying PRP Therapy and/or Stem Cell Therapy are the most effective non-surgical treatments in orthopedic medicine and Dr. Bieber is a specialist in these areas having been in practice for over 30 yeas.

This Cell Therapy grows new healthy tissue for the body and replaces the old damaged tissue that is the source of one's pain, disability, and injury. It is also worth mentioning that these materials come from the patient's own body.

PRP is a natural material coming from the patient’s blood. Platelets, the main substance in PRP, is a colorless blood cell already used throughout the body to repair blood vessel damage. Stem Cells are also everywhere in the body and have a vital role in helping the body recover from injury.

Everyday, the body is used and new tissue regenerates. This is done as Stem Cells transform themselves into the type of tissue your body needs so that it can heal itself. When there is a traumatic injury, there aren’t enough stem cells to repair the damage. This Dr. Bieber can help!

Dr. Benjamin Bieber of Cross Bay PMR takes a sample of stem cells from fat tissue and bone marrow or in the case of PRP Therapy, blood, and re-injects the natural material into the damaged site. The stem cells and PRP are signaled by the body to repair damage.

Accelerating The Recovery Process With PRP And Stem Cells

After a Stem Cell injection or a PRP injection, it is possible that the injury’s acceleration toward recovery is fast enough that surgery isn’t necessary and the body can heal itself naturally. These treatments dramatically reduce the amount of pain experienced at the injured site as well as vastly increases the mobility of the area.

In the past, there was only two effective treatments for a sport’s related injury, which was physical therapy and surgery. For those that physical therapy could not help, surgery was needed.

Going from physical therapy to surgery is an extreme jump in treatment. Surgery requires opening up the patient’s body and often removing damaged tendons and ligaments. With surgery, there is a risk of infection and nerve damage making you worse off then before.

Finally, there is a healthy and effective alternative that bridges the gap between physical therapy and surgery and this treatment is non-surgical!

Dr. Benjamin Bieber has helped tens of thousands of patients throughout his career and is convinced that Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy is effective because his patients are having a high success rate at recovery from injury.

Dr. Bieber has helped athlete’s from runners to boxers to baseball players quickly get back to the game that they love. This is the same type of treatment that you read on the news. For example, Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez both have received PRP treatment and praise it's effect on their playing ability

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By Benjamin Bieber

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