Sports Injury

  • PRP Injection For Athletes in New York

    Every year, thousands of athletes undergo surgery for an injury they received while playing a sport. In many cases, invasive surgery can be avoided. This article discusses the most effective types of Cell Therapy used as non-surgical approaches to treat complex injuries. Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies a simple injection technique with Stem Cells or PRP to heal complex injuries and muscles tears non-surgically

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  • PRP For Sport's Injuries

    PRP For Sport's Injuries

    First is that at Cross Bay PMR, we apply Stem Cell Therapy and/or PRP therapy depending on the patient's area of injury and the treatment that is most likely heal the damaged site.

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  • Advanced Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP

    Advanced Knee Treatment With Stem Cells and PRP

    As a Physical Medicine physician, it is my speciality to treat complex orthopedic injuries without the use of surgery. After 30 years as a practicing doctor in New York City, the best treatments with the highest success rates are PRP and Stem Cell Therapy.

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  • Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

    Why New Year's Resolutions Don't Work

    How many times have you seen the post on Facebook that “Today, is the first page in your 365 book so make it count!? Probably 100 if you were on Social Media around New Years time. We love New Years, and love the idea that we can start fresh. That we can have a new chance to attain what we really want out of life to finally achieve our goals. So the question is why do so many people start this way and end up failing year after year. There are several reasons that we continuously fail at our New Year’s resolutions and goals?

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