PRP Heals Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards Elbow

PRP Heals Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards Elbow
PRP Heals Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards Elbow

PRP Heals Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards torn ligament in his elbow

Today is Christmas!!

Kawanza starts on December 26th and is celebrated for 1 week!

Today we start a 21 Blog count down of famous athletes who you and I know who avoided invasive surgery with their use of Platelet Rich Plasma with and without Stem Cells!

Los Angeles Ace Pitcher Garrett Richards torn a  ligament in his elbow that would normally require an invasive surgery called the Tommy John procedure. This procedure would have caused Garrett Richards a long and tedious recovery. Instead he chose to have the successful Platelet Rich Plasma Procedure with Bone Stem Cells and avoided the surgery.

He did not play last season except for an instructional game - but he did successfully pitch in the Angels camp and he is coming back strong for this years season. He gives full credit to his elbow healing and full recovery to the treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma and Bone Stem Cells.


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