Treat Bone on Bone Arthritis With Stem Cells (New York)

Treat Bone on Bone Arthritis With Stem Cells (New York)

Reverse Arthritis Pain With A Stem Cell Injection

Bone on bone arthritis is a traumatic condition, one in which, I see many of my patients suffering from.  Advanced arthritis not only causes severe pain but also intense disability.  For many moderate to severe cases of arthritis, orthopedic surgeons recommend surgery, largely because this is their profession but as a non-surgical specialist, I have treated patients non-surgically for arthritis pain and witnessed tremendously beneficial results.

Applying Stem Cell Therapy, it is possible to add cartilage to the joint, which acts as a shock absorber to bone on bone friction.  This friction is the cause of inflammation, soreness, pain, and disability.  When new cartilage forms in the joint, it will protect you from bone on bone arthritis and at the same time, drastically reducing the pain you experience.

Adding Stem Cells To The Joint

Stem Cells are everywhere in a person’s body.  They are signaled by the brain to transform into the type of tissues the body needs to heal itself.  The problem is that with a degenerative condition such as arthritis, there is not a continuously supply of stem cells in that joint to repair chronically damaged cartilage.

This is where Dr. Benjamin Bieber comes in and helps his patients actually regenerate new cartilage.  By adding a stem cell injection to the area, the joint is supplied with new stem cells to create healthy cartilage tissue.  The stem cells used by Dr. Bieber are taken from the patient’s own body and then immediately injected into the joint.  Here, signaled by the brain to treat the injured area, stem cells physically transform into cartilage tissue.

Stem Cell Therapy has helped many of my patients regain much needed mobility and very importantly, significantly reduce their daily pain.  What is also important to note is that a Stem Cell Therapy is a safe and effective alternative to surgery.

Joint surgery is extremely invasive as well as risky.  There can be unforeseen consequences, long-term symptoms, and a painful rehabilitation process.  A stem cell injection gives our patients a great chance to heal arthritis pain without having to undergo surgery.  In successful cases, Stem Cell Therapy has proven just as effective as a successful surgery.

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Dr. Bieber has helped patients for over thirty years as a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor and is an renown expert in non-surgical treatment methodology.  He is a clinical assistant professor at NYU and teaches residents at his private practices in Manhattan and Queens, New York.

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By Benjamin Bieber

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