You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP

You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP
You Don't Need Orthopedic Surgery - Try PRP

Try This Before Surgery!!!!!

Many people are being told by orthopedic surgeons that they need surgery for a particular injury when either a non-surgical stem cell injection or a prp injection can work better than surgery and doesn’t have any of the risks or downsides.

The reason orthopedic surgeons are suggesting surgery is because not only do they get paid tens of thousands of dollars too but also they tell themselves that a stem cell or prp injection is unproven. This is simply untrue!

The Benefits of PRP and Stem Cells

Thousands of patients each year are avoiding surgery by utilizing Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy. Celebrity athletes such as Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez choose prp as their main treatment to accelerate the recovery period of any injury they may have. This is because these treatments work. They actually repair damaged muscle tissue that is the cause of the pain and immobility.

PRP Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy are like two sides of the same coin. Both are organic, non-invasive and low-risk. Both harness the body's healing mechanisms while targeting damaged tissue. The only difference is that one uses the healing power of platelets while the other uses stem cells. Depending on your injury, Dr. Bieber will choose which treatment suits you best.

Treatment For Orthopedic Injuries and Joint Disease

Dr. Bieber is a sports medicine physician for over 30 years and after treating tens of thousands of patients, is 100% confident that PRP and Stem Cells Therapies are the best non-surgical treatment to date and can act as effective substitutes for surgery.

Please do yourself the favor. If you are scheduled for surgery and it has to do with an orthopedic injury or joint disease such as arthritis, call a doctor that does prp and stem cell injections first. They are simple injections but make a tremendous difference. My patients are surprised and amazed at the difference in their injury after just a few weeks.

Again, it is non-invasive and non-surgical. Unlike surgery, it doesn’t give you an additional injury to heal from and in surgery, you will never be 100% again because oftentimes, damaged tissue is removed. In Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy, you can be 100% again.

These therapies are great alternatives to surgery but are also great if you aren’t considering surgery but have either a slow healing injury or chronic pain.

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Dr. Bieber has two New York locations, one in Manhattan and one in Queens. If you are located outside of New York, we will happily recommend hotel and flight accomodations for you. Call 718-835-0754 and schedule a consultation now! Your pain doesn't have to last forever!

By Benjamin Bieber

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