Advanced Treatments For Sports-Related Wrist Pain and Wrist Injuries

Advanced Treatments For Sports-Related Wrist Pain and Wrist Injuries

The French Open with its iconic red clay is set to begin this weekend and I’m putting my money on Novak Djokovic. The reigning champ suffered from problems at the Monte Carlo Masters and also missed the Madrid open due to a right wrist injury. It is without a doubt that the wrist has been a long time trouble spot for most tennis players. Especially since the elite players have been swinging harder and more frequently than ever!

Tennis is a one of the sports that places the wrist as one of the most vulnerable structures, due to the fact that the force created when the tennis ball hits the racket at such high speeds is transmitted directly to the wrist. In addition, the torque applied by the players which allows the tennis ball to spin in various directions may also causes injuries sustained to the wrist. Also, tennis players are more susceptible to wrist injuries than baseball players or even golfers, because the force or impact of their swing is usually administered to one arm.

Now lets focus on the anatomical aspect of the wrist. Your wrist consists of 8 small bones, known as carpals and they support a tube that runs through the wrist. Can you guess what it is? Well hopefully you guessed correctly, it’s called the carpal tunnel and it contains tendons along with a nerve. The carpal tunnel is anchored by a ligament, which holds it in place.

As you already know now, repetitive motion can damage your wrist. Also, wrist pain is fairly common. Everyday activities can cause pain in the wrist, like typing, sewing and playing racket sports which may cause that pain or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

What happens if you or someone you may know is suffering from wrist pain or carpal tunnel syndrome? Well some treatments include being prescribed a wrist splint or medications to decrease inflammation. Another treatment plan consists of physical therapy, which allows you to regain motion, dexterity and strength.

I encourage you to come in for a consultation at my office to go over all the treatment plans available at my office, Cross Bay Physical PMR is located in Howard Beach, Queens. We treat patients from all over the Country as well as locally in Queens including Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and patients from the tri-state area and Long Island. Call for an appointment today at 718-835-0100.

By Benjamin Bieber

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