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  • Stem Cells For Arthritis

    Stem Cells For Arthritis

    Arthritis occurs due to inflammation and as a result, there is a severe breakdown of the cartilage in the body’s joints. The joint is located between two bones allowing the bones to move as intended and the cartilage is a shock absorber so that the two bones do not rub against each other causing friction, swelling, and pain.

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  • ACell + PRP Hair Therapy

    ACell + PRP Hair Therapy

    Creating natural hair growth is as simple as repairing hair follicles. This is what many non-surgical treatments aim to do. They aim to reinvigorate the cells of hair follicles. Unfortunately, such creams and shampoos may help nourish hair follicles but they don’t actually repair the progressive decay of cell tissue. It takes a special kind of treatment to repair follicular tissue at the cell level.

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  • How To Regrow Hair Naturally - ACell + PRP Hair Treatment (NYC)

    How To Regrow Hair Naturally - ACell + PRP Hair Treatment (NYC)

    Hair follicles are continuously dying. The cells, because of aging, die and can no longer produce hair growth. Even the hair follicles that aren’t dead but shrinking are plagued with inflammation and unable to produce the same amount of hair as before. The only way to stop the disastrous process of hair loss is to repair hair follicles.

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  • Hip Repair With Stem Cell Treatment

    Hip Repair With Stem Cell Treatment

    The hip is the largest joint in the body and injury to this joint can create tremendous pain and immobility. Many doctors recommend surgery for a wide variety of hip conditions but Dr. Benjamin Bieber offers Stem Cell treatment, which is a safe and effective alternative to hip surgery. This treatment is great as well for people that have suffered with hip pain for months to years and are looking for a non-surgical solution.

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    If you are suffering from knee pain, understanding how Stem Cell Therapy or Platelet Rich Pla knee treatment that can significantly decrease pain and improve mobility can change your life. Both treatments are popular among professional athletes that seek a non-surgical solution to their orthopedic injuries.

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