Non-Surgical Treatment And Physical Therapy Program

Non-Surgical Treatment And Physical Therapy Program
Non-Surgical Treatment And Physical Therapy Program

First, Pain Relief, Then, Physical Therapy

At Cross Bay PMR, our sole focus is relieving pain and healing injuries through non-surgical medicine. Such treatments accelerate the process of recovery and give you fast pain relief. Afterwards, a physical therapy program is implemented to further one's recovery.

After treatment, using guided massage, exercise, and stretching, rehabilitaties the are back to it's full strength. Mobility, where once lost, is regained and it is possible to be at your best, at 100% again after such exercises.

At Cross Bay PMR, you also find our Cross Bay Physical Therapy Center, where for over 30 years, we have been a staple of the Howard Beach neighbourhood and it's surrounding areas. This is because we solely focus on both helping you recuperate from an injury as well as making you stronger so that when you leave each day, the injured area is less painful and can handle more movement.

Stem Cell And PRP Treatments

Cross Bay PMR hosts a range of modern non-surgical treatments, which are considered the best treatments in orthopedic medicine to organically and non-invasively relieve pain. They also have the potential to stop the progression of a medical condition such as arthritis and prevent the need for surgery altogether.

Such treatments include Stem Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy. A stem cell injection and a prp injection use organic materials taken from the patient’s own body to repair damaged tissue and create new healthy tissue that can then be utilized by the damaged area. With restored muscle, tendon, and ligament tissue, pain dissipates and the injury continues to heal long the treatment finishes. Everything from arthritis treatment, to an ACL repair, to athletic injuries, to an UCL injury, and orthopedic injuries throughout the body benefit from stem cell and prp therapies.

We are one of the only offices in New York to utilize ultrasound guidance, where we can see inside of the injury while performing treatment. This let’s us pinpoint the most painful damaged areas and focus on them for treatment. Our procedure then becomes that much more precise and effective, which is why Dr. Bieber is regarded as one of the most successful Sports Medicine physicians in New York.

The combination of both physical therapy and non-surgical treatment creates a potent recipe for healing severe, chronic, and complex injuries.

Schedule Your Consultation Now!

Dr. Benjamin Bieber is currently seeing patients from around the world and is renowned as the leading Stem Cell and PRP expert in New York. If you’re looking for a way to non-surgically diminish pain, call 718-835-0754 now!

These treatments are done in-office. There are no hospital visits or overnight stays. You are in and out of the procedure after 3 hours. First, you’ll receive a preliminary consultation where Dr. Bieber will examine the full history of the injury and then you’ll be set up with a procedure date within 1-3 weeks.

Our office is patient focused and many of our patients are suprised and amazed at the level of care they receive at Cross Bay PMR. Call 718-835-0754 and schedule your consultation now!

By Benjamin Bieber

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