PRP Injection For Athletes in New York

PRP Injection For Athletes in New York

PRP Treatment For Athletes

Every year, thousands of athletes undergo surgery for an injury they received while playing a sport.  In many cases, invasive surgery can be avoided.  This article discusses the most effective types of Cell Therapy used as non-surgical approaches to treat complex injuries.  Dr. Benjamin Bieber applies a simple injection technique with Stem Cells or PRP to heal complex injuries and muscles tears non-surgically

This is the same treatment that is a go to procedure for professional athletes like Kobe Bryant immediately after they injure themselves.  There is virtually no risk and no downside to trying a Stem Cell or PRP injection.

The body has tremendous healing capabilities.  Every day, muscle, ligaments, and tendons are broken down and then repaired by the body when a person is active throughout the day.  Unfortunately, in a traumatic injury, such as a ligament tear in the elbow, a labrum tear in the shoulder, or an ACL tear in the knee, there aren’t enough stem cells to fully repair the damage

This is where we come in!  By adding new stem cells to the site of injury, it is possible to accelerate the recovery of a traumatic injury and add new healthy tissue to the damaged site.  This is exactly how PRP and Stem Cell injections work

How It Helps

Both treatments have a high success rate to non-surgically repair severe injuries.  PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma is derived from the patient’s blood that contains platelets.  PRP has over 30 growth factors that actively repairs blood vessel and cell damage.  With new blood flow and healthy cells, the area has a better chance of healing itself and our patients may only need physical therapy afterwards to continue their recovery from their injury

Stem Cells are also derived from the patient’s own body.  Dr. Bieber takes stem cells using a simple injection from either the patient’s fat tissue or bone marrow and re-injects these stem cells into the area with the most damage.  The stem cells are then signaled by the brain to transform into the type of cells needed to repair the body’s damage.

It is about time that there is an effective and safe alternative to risky and invasive surgery.  In many cases, Dr. Bieber combines PRP and Stem Cells to increase the likelihood of a quick recovery.  The majority of patients experience significantly reduced pain in a manner of weeks

Dr. Bieber at Cross Bay PMR has treated tens of thousands of patients as a physical medicine doctor in New York for over thirty years and Regenerative Medicine, the application of Stem Cells and PRP, has been the most effective treatment to date.  It has helped his patients recover quickly and not have to undergo surgery and it’s inherent long-term painful rehabilitation and many risks

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By Benjamin Bieber

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